Fashion Events PR Internship

Fashion Event Firm in Glendale, CA. is a full-service, creative marketing and special events firm specializing in fashion, entertainment, hospitality, beauty and modern culture. We offer a highly comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to achieve our clients goals through intelligent press copy, selective media placement, celebrity outreach, entertainment tie-ins, special events and promotions.

We are currently seeking interns. We look for candidates who are majoring in either Public Relations or Fashion Merchandising. We prefer that only applicants with previous internship experience in the industry, and/or have successfully completed upper division classes in a Public Relations or Fashion Merchandising major, submit their resume. Candidates must be mature, strong writers, eager to learn, detail-oriented and posses style that correlates with our office and the fast paced, high energy market that we work in. An internship with our firm.. Is both challenging and rewarding. An intern will gain first-hand experience in the field of public relations and event marketing as well as develop their general business and professional skills.

We are currently reviewing applicants to fill 2 positions in our Fashion Week Special Events Division.

Daily tasks include, but are not limited too:
• Gathering and filing client media clips
• Correspondence with clients and preparing client reports
• Conducting industry research and competition analysis
• Researching publications for pertinent information regarding clients and industry news
• Occasional writing assignments including media alerts, client emails, event proposals and press releases
• Occasional phone pitching
• Working client events alongside senior staff members
• Conducting industry research and competitive analysis by online searches
• Researching newspaper and magazine publications for pertinent information regarding clients
• Shared intern responsibilities include: general phone duty, mail collection and media library maintenance, researching and updating database lists

We are looking for applicants who can devote 15-20 hours (3 DAYS) a week, preferably Monday through Friday. We encourage students to apply for class credit. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate the credit granting process with their school.

Please review our website thoroughly before submitting your resume. We politely ask that only serious candidates apply.